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Discover The Top 10 Costco Hacks To Save Time And Money

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Who would never love to save time and money on any shopping trip? Saving money remains a compelling goal every time you sit to prepare a shopping list. Finding the best deals that cost less or within your budget is all you can enjoy each time you visit Costco stores. However, you need to be familiar with some of the little known secrets to cash in on Costco deals. Here is a comprehensive outline of the top ten coveted Costco hacks to save time and money.

Return Policy

Costco boasts one of the most generous return policies in the market. If you buy an item and realize that it is expired or does not meet your expectations, you can return it to get your money back with no hassles. The store only limits the return policy on some items such as electronics such as TVs, computers, and refrigerators to about 90 days. Such a long duration is still relatively more generous than several other retailers in the market.

Check the Asterisks and Price Codes

Have you ever wondered why the prices of some items at Costco end with .99 as others end with .97? The pricing is not a mere coincidence but a hidden pricing code used at Costco to indicate where deals are or missing. Price tags indicating .99 at the end show the wholesale prices. The tags with .97 at the end display the best possible discount.
An asterisk signifies that a product currently on sale is going away with no possibility or restocking soon. Discovering this secret can help you save cash by finding out items that Costco what to clear from its shelves. Asterisks on the top corners of the sign show that the product is being depleted, and Costco won’t restock more before the next season.
If the items sell well, the prices may drop slightly, but prices go down significantly for products that have slow sales. In either case, you will save some pennies when you take these goods home.

Know when to go to Costco

Shopping at Costco comes with an exceptional experience, but it can be full of hassles when customers flock to the brim. Parking lots are mainly clogged on holidays and weekends. It is thus prudent to shop during off-peak times if your schedule can allow. Take advantage of the first few hours after the store opens on the weekday mornings and you are shopping. Unless it is an eve of a major holiday, you will feel like you have a place for yourself and save a lot of time.

Consider buying from Costco without a Membership

All hope may not be lost even if you do not figure yourself out shopping at Costco frequently enough to justify the annual membership fee. Some states allow nonmember residents to buy at selected popular sections such as alcohol shelves at ridiculously low prices.
You can also request your friend who is a member to purchase a Costco cash card that you can load with any amount of your choice. You can then use the card to shop at Costco, like any other member enjoying similar benefits that include fairs prices. As s nonmember, you should remember that you can use the cash card only twice a year. It is thus crucial to arrange when to make your shopping trips prudently.

Avoid Bulky Purchases for Perishable Items

Do not let the impression of discounted commodities blind you into buying items that you do not need. It can be a considerable loss to purchase goods in bulk due to discounts only to realize that they have a short expiration period or about to expire. Unless you are sure of consuming them before they go bad, there should be no reason to waste your cash on buying perishable goods at Costco in bulky.

Learn how to shop at Costco

Familiarizing yourself with standard shopping practices at Costco will help you enjoy a seamless shopping experience. For instance, it is always imperative to use Costco signature products. Always look for products bearing the Kirkland label whenever shopping at Costco. These are Costco’s signature brands that can help you save significantly. Kirkland is famous for creating quality products that will make you forgo other alternative brands. Such a purchase will enable you to enjoy quality items at relatively fair prices.

Speak out if you can’t handle all that Meat

If you find out that the package of chicken thighs or beef chops is larger than what you need, Costco has you covered. All you need is to gain the courage and talk to the attendant at the Costco meat section to request a reduction to half a tray. You will undoubtedly end up paying for what you can take without extra cost that you could have spent on the surplus.

Shop seasonal items at the end of the season

This approach may sound counterintuitive, but be it as it may seem, it will help you save loads of cash. Just as it happens in any other shopping mall, you will find the most appealing deals for Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations after the holiday is gone. The same rule applies to sales at Costco but only suitable for items that you will use several months down the line. Buy your grilling supplies after the summer is over to enjoy the best prices when such items are on low demand. Simply purchase smaller units and capitalize on savings on every shopping trip.

Team up with your roommates

Ideally, shoppers who are not related cannot share Costco membership. But when shopping, Costco allows unrelated persons to use one Costco membership, permitting each member to chaperone a maximum of two guests at every visit.
You can capitalize on this gap to shop with your roommates if you prefer cooking together and share items such as household cleaners and toiletries to save money.

Get help to move heavy items.

Do not let a heavy item keep you waiting on the long queues at the urgent care clinic. Get a low rise cart as you enter the store and brace yourself for a brief sweat. Request any store attendant that you see around to help you hoist the items into your cart.

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