Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips for Everyone

Be Smart, Be Healthy with these Tips

We feel great when we shop wisely and then eat wisely.

1. Healthy Grocery Shopping List to Avoid Meat

If you have decided to go the vegetarian route, you must still have a balanced diet. You need to make sure that you get enough protein in your diet. Here is a list of 10 ingredients that should be in every vegetarian’s kitchen.

1. Lentils – a great source of protein.
2. Brown rice and Quinoa – all the starch that you need.
3. Avocados – great food to get healthy fats from, and it is delicious.
4. Canned Beans – quick and easy protein-packed filling for tacos.
5. Tahini – this is another vegetarian must-have, like avocado.
6. Canned Tomatoes – fresh tomatoes are also great, but canned is better for a busy lifestyle.
7. Canned Coconut Milk – a superb substitute for cows milk.
8. Eggs – not all vegetarians eat eggs, but they are a great source of protein.
9. Tofu – another staple that seems to go with almost anything.
10. Vegetables – stockpile veggies, any type, any color. They are super healthy and versatile.

2. Healthy Grocery Shopping List to Lose Weight

Many people will be surprised to find out that not all foods for losing weight are so-called low-calorie foods. Here are some amazing tips to get your shopping list sorted for losing weight.

Bread and Cereals

Many brands contain loads of sugar, which is why you need to look for 100% whole grains on the label before buying these products. Look for products that are whole grain, oats should be steel-cut or rolled and there should be no added sugars, fat, or starch. Replace everything starchy that is white, with the whole-grain alternative.


When you are trying to lose weight, you do not have to miss out on dairy products, you just need to find healthier options. Go for the following items:

Low-fat cheese
Egg substitute or eggs
Low-fat or fat-free milk
Low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt
Low-fat cottage cheese

Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are always good for losing weight. They contain loads of minerals and vitamins.

Spicy, colorful veggies (radishes, peppers)
Crunchy veggies (celery, carrots, jicama)
Dark leafy vegetables (chard, spinach, kale)
Easy snack fruit (bananas, apples, grapes)
Fresh berries (any are perfect)
Seasonal sweet fruits (kiwi, melon, pineapple)

If you find that fresh fruits and veggies are too expensive, you can always choose the frozen kind.

Meat and Fish

This is where you will get proteins from, other than from vegetables. Avoiding any meat that is fatty is the main priority when trying to lose weight. Here is what you should be putting on your grocery list.

Lean beef cuts
Fresh salmon
Lean turkey (ground)
Pork tenderloin
Turkey breast slices
Tuna steaks
Skinless chicken

3. Healthy Grocery Shopping List on a Budget

Most people are under the impression that it is not possible to eat healthy on a tight budget. Well, it is, and here are some invaluable tips to make the most delicious meals at around $25 per week.

Buying In Bulk

Try to find a store that has a bulk section, especially where oats, seeds, nuts, and beans are concerned. Scooping out your own is fun and saves you money.

Do Not Buy Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

Do not be lazy. It only takes a few extra minutes to wash and chop your own fruit and vegetables. Buying pre-cut fruits and veggies will cost you almost 4 times the amount.

Choose Frozen

Since most people these days are busy, having good intentions to make delicious meals with fresh produce is not always possible. When we do get around to it, the veggies are spoiled. It is for this reason that stocking up on frozen items is a much better idea, especially for people with busy lives.

Avoid That Snack Aisle

It is not always easy to say no to those tasty snacks – we are all human after all, but if you bypass that section completely, you will not be as tempted. Snacks are yummy, but too many of them will eat into your budget and make you pack on the pounds. Go for fruits instead – healthy, cheap snacks.

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